Billowheart is a solid, dark brown tom with a cream muzzle, dull amber eyes, and a cresent shaped scar on his forehead. His fur grows brighter but darker when he grows up.


Mother: Spectrum from Falling Drop

Father: Small Bird that Swims in the Sun

Sister: Eveningswift


Kits: Willowkit, Mosskit, Stealthkit

Neice: Bengalkit



Billowpaw joins the clan with his sister, Eveningpaw, and his distant cousins, Sleetfoot and Limegaze. He was known to tease and play, not really a hunter.

When Brightsparrow joined, she became his mentor, teaching him way more than the other apprentices. Then Brackenpaw joined, and they pulled many pranks on Sleetfoot. Billlowpaw alone got in trouble, because Brackenpaw apologized.

Then Peacesong, Echomist, and Blackfire joined, making him paranoid, since he always was a bit crazy. He roamed the lands called "Billowpaw's Spirit", and as the spirit, it was made of his own "gas", if you know what I mean.

He was also annoyed at Eveningswift's feelings for Brackenstorm and how Brackenstorm liked Peacesong


He joins as Billowpaw, with Brackenpaw and Eveningpaw are reincarnated for no sudden reason.