Bronzestripe-Bronze tabby tom with light brown eyes and a torn ear

Personality Edit

Bronzestripe is a rather serious cat at first glance but as you get to know him he will become quite the personality. Bronzestripe has a mild case of the random outburst disease but he is making a gradual recovery.

Family Edit

Dame:Rainheart-bright blue-green she-cat with light red eyes

Sire:Lightningtail- Bright yellow brown tabby with intense black eyes

Mate: Eveningswift - awesome cat!!!!!

Kits:Cypresskit, Bengalkit

Brother: Ocelotclaw -a orange spotted tom with black spots and white stripes running down his body between his spots


Apprentice: Eaglepaw

Education Edit

Mentor: Ocelotclaw

Apprentices:Palefur, Eaglepaw

Beachclan and StormclanEdit

Bronzestripe was a warrior in Beachclan. He met most of the cats he lives with now in this clan and he was formally welcomed  in Beachclan. He is shown to be friendly to Hawkstar and Mallowleaf when they visit BeachClan on their long quest. He wishes them good luck on their journey, and they left. Bronzestripe liked the clan but soon after his joining the fire destroyed the clan. When Stormclan was founded Bronzestripe was there to choose the Deputy position (under Wildstar, the leader). Stormclan was where Bronzestripe formally met Eveningshine. The didnt seem to be anymore than freinds in Stormclan. Then they moved to Waterfallclan. hurhur...and thats where Bronzestripe began to have a crush on Eveningshine. She agreed to stay with him after he confessed his feelings for her.

Lionclan Edit

Bronzestripe was officially part of Lionclan but his mate Eveningshine was in Tigerclan. That did not stop them from having there first litter of kits. The two cats were Bengalkit and Cypresskit. Bronzestripe was present for the birth and was noticed to be very proud to have kits in the clan. He was not there for the accident in which Cypresskit's leg was almost broken.

Ocelotclaw Edit

Ocelotclaw was Bronzestripe's brother from a much older litter. When the clan ran short on Mentors they needed for Ocelotclaw to mentor his own brother known then as Bronzepaw. Ocelotclaw took on the task of mentoring the promising apprentice.