Duskbird is a pretty pale ginger tabby she-cat with a white chest and paws.

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Book One: (Title Coming Soon) Edit

Duskbird is a MapleClan queen. She is pregnant with the kits of Frostpelt, a HillClan warrior who has recently died in battle.

The book is mainly about Duskbird's pregnancy and dealing with the loss of her secret mate. Her best friend, Leafstorm, helps keep the secret.

In the end, the queen gives birth to a single kit, Snowkit. She looks just like her dead father, only with her mother's eyes.

Book Two: (Title Coming Soon) Edit

Duskbird's daughter Snowkit is a few moons old now. The book is told from her point of view sometimes. She has a friend, Volekit, and a rival named Branchkit.

Snowkit and Volekit become apprentices early on in the book. Pigeonflight mentors Snowpaw and Cinderflower mentors Volepaw.

Snowpaw and Volepaw get into trouble for going on HillClan territory and are punished with not being allowed to leave camp for a quarter-moon.

At the end of the book, Duskbird tells Snowpaw about her father.

Book Three: (Title Coming Soon) Edit

There is a time gap between the two books. Sometime during that period Duskbird's kit, Snowpaw, got her warrior name, Snowpelt (possibly after her father).

She and Snowpelt seem quite close, although Snowpelt seemed a bit upset with her mother when she found out about Frostpelt.

Snowpelt is getting close to another warrior called Newtstripe. She later reveals that she is pregnant.

When HillClan attacks MapleClan, Duskbird fights against them.

In the epilogue, Duskbird is seen in the nursery visiting Snowpelt and her kits. It should be noted that she was an elder by this time.

Family Edit

Mate: Frostpelt - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Daughter: Snowpelt - Living (as of Book Three)

Granddaughters Edit

Goosekit - Living (as of Book Three)

Gingerkit - Living (as of Book Three)

Sedgekit - Living (as of Book Three)

Grandsons Edit

Frostkit - Living (as of Book Three)

Nightkit - Living (as of Book Three)

Tree Edit

Frostpelt -------------- Duskbird
               Snowpelt ------------------------------------ Newtstripe
                         |     |         |         |      |
                    Goosekit Nightkit Gingerkit Sedgekit Frostkit

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, Duskbird's name was going to be used for a completely different character. This other Duskbird would have been Squirrelflight and Ashfur's daughter.
  • Duskbird and Snowpaw are going to be main characters in the (title coming soon) trilogy, which will soon be written and posted on the Warriors Fanfiction Wiki.

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