Dustfleet is a mottled gray tom with a torn ear.

History Edit

He is a rogue. He was formerly of FireClan, but was exiled by his mother for mating with a WindClan cat.

His mate is in WindClan, and not much is known about her except that she gave her kits to Dustfleet to raise in FireClan.

Dustfleet's mother, Wiltstar, hinted that she preferred Whitefur over him.

Goldencloud gave Dustfleet her three kits, which he named Snakekit, Quailkit, and Cinderkit.

Frostkit, one of Goldencloud kits, died shortly after birth. She was probably stillborn or was too weak.

Cinderkit died of starvation soon after Dustfleet left his Clan. Quailkit got very sick and Dustfleet was afraid he would die. Seeking Quailkit safety, he gave him to SnowClan, a rival clan. It is noted that he said to Icestar (the leader of SnowClan), "Make him a strong warrior, like his father." Snakekit was cared for by his father. Dustfleet often travels from place to place, mostly sheltering near SnowClan. Snakepaw often visits his brother, who is now an apprentice.

Other Info Edit

Dustfleet's original warrior name was going to be Dustflaw, but it was changed to Dustfleet shortly afterward.

Ironically, when Dustfleet was a kit, he stated he was going to be leader. At the time, Whitekit wanted to be his deputy. But because Wiltstar found out about Dustfleet's secret affair with Goldencloud, he was exiled, leaving Whitefur to become her deputy. It is unknown whether Wiltstar knew about Dustfleet and Goldencloud all along, and revealed Dustfleet's secret once her current deputy, Dawnpelt, retired to an elder due to blindness in one eye.

Not much is known about Frostkit, but she was mentioned when Goldencloud gave Dustfleet her kits. She was most likely stillborn.

Education Edit

Mentor: Thistlewind

Apprentice: Snakepaw

Family Edit






Whitestar (formerly Whitefur)








                                          Maplepelt --- Thistlewind
                      ---------------------------------------------------               Shadeheart -------- Nightclaw
                       |                                               |                                |
    Unknown Tom --- Wiltstar                                      Snowstripe ------------------------ Oakfur
                       |                                                               |
                       -----------------------------                     ----------------------------
                       |                           |                     |                          |
  Goldencloud ---  Dustfleet                   Whitestar             Mistywood                  Dawnpelt ---- Yellowfur
                       |                                                                                   |
               --------------------------------                                                         Lightpaw
               |          |        |         |
           Snakepaw  Quailpaw  Cinderkit Frostkit