WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Forest is a dark gray tom with forest-green eyes and a tuft of fur on the top of his head.

He's found in a lot of stories on Warriors Fanfiction.

Creator's StoriesEdit

Warriors of the LakeEdit

The Four PowersEdit

Forestpaw is found getting his apprentice name with his sister. While on patrol, he saves his sister from a Twoleg trap.

The night after Forestpaw receives a prophecy, he meets the other three chosen cats at a Gathering. They quickly become friends.

Forestpaw travels to ShadowClan territory to meet with the other three cats from the prophecy. They agree to meet at Gatherings.

Forestpaw then receives his warrior name, Forestheart, after four moons. He is greatly pleased.

Soon, Forestheart and his friends figure out what the prophecy is... and discover that their new opponents are evil cats.

After Forestheart gets back to camp, escaping from the evil cats, he gets an apprentice, Brushpaw.

Then, he becomes deputy, giving him the definite position of leader when Hollystar dies.

Forestheart is surprised when he discovers that Harerush, one of his companions, is the new leader of WindClan.

He sends out a patrol to RiverClan and ShadowClan when he discovers that the ThunderClan prisoner is gone.

He then fights for the sake of the Clans when the cats of the prophecy, Goldheart, Starpelt, and Silverwing, attack the leaders gathered to drive them out.

All three leaders die, making Forestheart, Trailspine, and Birdwing the leaders of their Clans, after Harestar had already done.

Falling ApartEdit

He is the leader of ThunderClan, and has four kits, Thunderpaw, Bouncepaw, Stickpaw, and Treepaw.

Foreststar talks with Thunderpaw, and gets interrupted because of his leader duties.

He changes his name to Forest when the Clans fall apart.

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