Goldencloud is a golden she-cat.

History Edit

Goldencloud is a WindClan she-cat that was formerly a loner. Her mate was Dustfleet, a FireClan cat. Goldencloud was a kit when Cloudstar allowed her to join WindClan. She grew into a fine warrior, and no WindClan cat could say she was disloyal to her clan. But when they found out her kits were Half-Clan, they refused to let her live in WindClan. When she was an apprentice, she met Dustfleet at a Gathering. They fell in love, and met every night on their border. Only two cats knew of their secret: Goldencloud's best friend, Mistpaw, and Dustpaw's best friend, Yellowpaw. They started to meet less once they'd become warriors. At the next Gathering, she told Dustfleet she was going to have kits. She told her clan they were Tigerfur's, who was one of her best friends. Mistdawn told Tigerfur of Goldencloud's secret, and Tigerfur agreed to go with her plan. Unfortunately, the deputy of FireClan overheard Yellowstripe's conversation with Dustfleet about Goldencloud and her kits, and told Wiltstar, the leader. Wiltstar told Cloudstar's deputy, Gorsewind. Goldencloud was exiled, and so was Dustfleet. Before they parted ways, Goldencloud gave her kits to Dustfleet. One of her daughters died before she gave her kits to Dustfleet to take care of. It is unknown where Goldencloud is now.

Education Edit

Mentor: Cloudstar

Apprentice: Thornpaw

Family Edit

Mate: Dustfleet


Snakepaw -Living
Quailpaw - Living


Cinderkit - Deceased, Suspected StarClan member
Frostkit - Deceased, Suspected StarClan member

Tree Edit

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