Goldenfrost is a very small golden brown tom with green eyes.

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Before BrookClan Edit

A pregnant queen, Tawnyflower, started giving birth. She had three kits named Goldenkit, Mousekit, and Icekit. They were born much too early. Goldenkit barely survived and Rabbitstorm tried to save Mousekit and Icekit, but it was too late - they were already dead.

It was a risky pregnancy since the mother was so young. She was dying and she knew it. Tawnyflower's last words were "Goodbye, Goldenkit. I love you."

BrookClan Edit

Goldenfrost is the apprentice of BrookClan's medicine cat, Rabbitstorm. He helps take care of a sick elder named Mosstail.

At first he and Stormwing had something of a rivalry, but they seem to be warming up to each other.

He saves Stormwing from Shadow and Seed. She gets the impression that he likes her a lot more than she thought.

Later in the book, he asks Stormwing for advice. He says that a friend of his likes someone, but she seems to already be in love with someone else.

This 'friend' was probably Goldenfrost, with the she-cat he liked being Stormwing and the tom he thought she was in love with being Deernose.

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