Goosekit is a white she-kit with pale amber eyes.

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Book Three (Title Coming Soon) Edit

Goosekit is seen in the epilogue when her grandmother, Duskbird, visits her and her siblings in the nursery. They are the kits of Snowpelt and Newtstripe.

Goosekit was named for a goose that Snowpelt saw outside while she was giving birth. Even though it was an extremely windy day, the goose didn't give up and just kept flying. Snowpelt couldn't help admiring that determination, so she named her daughter after the goose.

Duskbird notes that Goosekit looks like a tiny copy of her mother, only Snowpelt is long-haired.

Family Edit

Mother: Snowpelt - Living (as of Book Three)

Father: Newtstripe - Living (as of Book Three)

Brothers Edit

Frostkit - Living (as of Book Three)

Nightkit - Living (as of Book Three)

Sisters Edit

Gingerkit - Living (as of Book Three)

Sedgekit - Living (as of Book Three)

Maternal Grandparents Edit

Duskbird - Living (as of Book Three)

Frostpelt - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Tree Edit

Frostpelt -------------- Duskbird
               Snowpelt ------------------------------------ Newtstripe
                         |     |         |         |      |
                    Goosekit Nightkit Gingerkit Sedgekit Frostkit

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