"Goldenstripes is indeed your father, and Cloverfang is indeed your mother. Both of you."
- Honeypelt to Icekit and Moonkit, The Fallen

"Good gracious, no! Lizardcloud is pregnant! I will fight, and if I should die, Cloverfang or Lizardcloud can take care of my darlings."
- Honeypelt to Whitethorn and Lizardcloud, Ice in the Moon

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Honeypelt is a beautiful yellow-brown she-cat with rare brown eyes.

Book 1: The Bravest Edit

Honeypelt is mentioned in the allegiances, and mourns Mintfur with the rest of the Clan.

Book 2: The Fallen Edit

Honeypelt finally has her kits.
She has named the first Birdkit, a golden tabby she-cat, Rockkit, a dark gray-brown tom, and Featherkit, a calico she-cat with large green eyes..

Book 3: Ice in the Moon Edit

Honeypelt is still a queen, and gossips with Lizardcloud about Cloverfang and Nick.

Education Edit

Mentor Unknown
Apprentice(s) Unknown

Family Edit

Immediate Edit

Mate Dustfur - Living as of Ice in the Moon
Kits Birdkit, Rockkit, and Featherkit, - Living as of Ice in the Moon
Sister-In-Law Lizardcloud - Living as of Ice in the Moon

Family Tree Edit

                                / \
                     ?----Ashfoot  Sootpelt-------Nightflower          ?-------Yellowtail           ?------Dawnwing
                          |          Boulder----Glacia |                           |                            |
                         / \                 |   |     |                          /  \                       /     \      
    Leafpool--Crowfeather Eaglekit   Cinderfire ?-Nick-Cloverfang--------Goldenstripes   Lionclaw-----Lizardcloud   Dustfur---Honeypelt
                    |                            |   |               |                                                       |
                    |                          Ska   Icepaw         Moonpaw                                                  |
              /     |   \                                                                                Birdpaw, Rockpaw, Featherpaw
   Jayfeather  Hollyleaf  Lionblaze

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