Mallowclaw is a rosy pale ginger tom with blue eyes and white paws.

Before BrookClanEdit

Longleg and Mallowclaw were mates. They were beginning to drift apart when Mallowclaw and his brother, Owlfang, were exiled from the Clan for the murder of Longleg's mother Nightstar. Soon after, Longleg had two kits: Lightkit and Stormkit.

Stormkit was given to a queen named Willowmist to nurse and grew up to become a warrior, but Lightkit was a stillborn.

Soon after Mallowclaw and Owlfang were banished, Owlfang mated with an unidentified kittypet (notably, he had previously mated with Poppyleaf and she had a litter of three. Owlfang never knew these kits). She had two kits - Mallowclaw's nieces, Shadow and Seed - and later died, leaving the traitors to raise the kits.

Owlfang died sometime after this.

BrookClan Edit

Mallowclaw appears, although he is not mentioned by name. While Stormwing is being attacked by Shadow and Seed, she sees a ginger tom watching her.

Cruelty Edit

Mallowclaw and his rogues are the main antagonists of Cruelty. He reveals that he is Stormwing's father. She is quite angered about this, and hates herself for having his eyes.

Mistake Edit

Stormwing and a few others find Mallowclaw in the nursery. They drive him off.

Down a Dark Path Edit

So far Mallowclaw has not appeared in this book, although he is listed in the Allegiances.

Family Edit

Mate: Longstar - Living (as of Down a Dark Path)

Sister: Stormpaw - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Brother: Owlfang - Deceased, verified Place of No Stars member

Daughter: Stormwing - Living (as of Down a Dark Path)

Son: Lightkit - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Mother: Spottedfur - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Father: Redfoot - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Maternal Grandparents Edit

Morningfur - Deceased, verified StarClan member

Mallowface - Deceased, verified StarClan member