Peacesong is a silvery-gray she-cat with blue eyes and a feathery plume of a tail

Family Edit

Sire: Winterclaw

Dame: Autumnsong

Mate: Brackenstorm

Siblings: Hailfall

Kits: Puddlekit, Pebblekit

Peace Pond Edit

Peacesong is first shown as a a young kit, named Peace, born to Autumn and Winter. When they arrive in Nightclan she becomes an apprentice. She seems to like Rainpaw at first but then became attached to Brackenpaw, she is also a rouge before she became an apprentice. She was not jealous at all of Dashingpaw when Brackenpaw started ignoring her and getting closer to Dashingpaw, who was actually using Brackenpaw to make Peacepaw jealous! But of course, it did not work one bit!  She recieves her warrior name of Peacesong. When Brackenpaw becomes Brackenstorm, he tells Peacesong to meet him at the Sky Ledge, Peacesong was was a little excited and curious and mad at the same time by that. She is shown on some patrols...She is next mentioned at the sky ledge beside Brackenstorm, He tells her that he was sorry for ignoring her and getting too close to Dashingpaw and asks if they should build a nest at the sky ledge.

BeachClan Edit

She is first mentioned on a hunting patrol with Coldshadow and Brackenstorm. Brackenstorm rushes to go hunting and leaves Peacesong and Coldshadow. Peacesong then begins to like with Coldshadow, making Brackenstorm jealous because he loves Peacesong.