Raincloud is a blue-gray tom with sharp amber eyes.

History Edit

Raincloud is usually hostile, and hates to talk about his family. All that is known is that his father was Bearstar, and he had a brother called Sharktail. Sharktail was run over by a monster while chasing off a WindClan warrior out of ShadowClan territory. His mother is probably a rogue. Raincloud also had a sister, whose name was Nettlepaw. Nettlepaw died during a raid on FireClan. Dustfleet was supposed to be responsible for her death.

Book One: Dark Night Edit

ShadowClan raids FireClan at night. Swiftcloud injures Sharkpaw, and Dustfleet kills Nettlepaw. Graypaw, one of Rainpaw's closest friends, is killed by Dovewing, FireClan's deputy. Rainpaw tries to avenge his sister's death by attacking Dustfleet, but Whitefur interferes and drives Rainpaw away. Rainpaw, in anger, manages to injure Dovewing in the process alongside Sharkpaw, who managed to get up. The whole clan grieves for their lost Clanmates. Bearstar vows that they will avenge those lost that night. Graypaw, Nettlepaw, Cherrypelt, and Forestclaw (the dead ShadowClan cats) were brought back to their camp. The book ends with Rainpaw grieving for Nettlepaw and Graypaw. Sharkpaw is tended to in the medicine cat den.