WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Rainswift is a white she-cat with gray splotches, amber eyes, and a intellegent gaze. She was once a medicine cat in her... past life, and still holds the powers she had long ago.

Heartful ClapsEdit

In the beginning of the first book, she was Rainpaw, and having a dream. Dewpaw had to wake her up, and they casually discussed on her current dream of hunting as a warrior named Rainheart this time, because she was "so awesome", as Rainpaw teased. Then Mildpaw woke up and shook her pelt, sending moss scraps flying, and Dewpaw ran to the medicine cat's den, and a piece poked his eye.

It is noted from Mildpaw that really gray and big clouds were lolling by.

Then Rainpaw was feeling suspiciously up and running the day of the stepping stones test. Mildpaw gets creeped out slightly, then she let it go. It is unlike herself, it is also noted, as she was not thinking intensely as always.

The clouds gather and as they both come by Brittleleaf, the queen, warning her kit, Mottledkit, that the sky had signs of a bad storm.

When they were at the test, Dewpaw couldn't be there, but as Rainpaw was talking the test, a clap of thunder set fire to the birch tree next to them. Rainpaw slipped in, and the chapter ends there as she is scrambling out, and a fire-ful branch falls next to her.

The next chapters tell of: as Rainpaw gets up, there is something blazing in the fire. She climbs out slowly, eyes set on the branch. She says out loud, that there is a figure in the fire, and just as it goes blazing, there is a meow. Then the rain fell and set it out. Mildpaw and Palemoon rush in, retrieving the startled Rainpaw and pulling her to the safety of the camp, even though the fire was out.

Dewpaw's eyes are slightly red as he spots them come back, and he runs to then, slipping along the way. All their fur were plastered to their pelts in results of the buckets of rain falling down. He nuzzles both of them. Dewpaw is also confused on why Rainpaw's eyes were far away, and suggests that they go to the medicine cat's den.

When there, Rainpaw tells her sight to the medicine cat, Violetbloom. Violetbloom's eyes seem to widen as she tells the story.


Mother: Brittleleaf

Father: unknown

Brother: Mottledpaw, from a smaller litter.