Rushmountain is a white tom with a gray tail, random brown patches, and a black spot over his paw.


Apprentice: Eveningshine, formally

First's TimeEdit

Rushmountain is Rushpaw, ready to become an apprentice. Brinepaw was distracted and did not make the assessment, and Rushpaw was confused on why he didn't really care, and was just dreamy. Rushpaw gains his name of Rushmountain, for his heart was able to move a mountain to make it rush, or moving really fast.

Cindershine loves him but doesn't say it out loud. Rushmountain could tell, though.

He gains his apprentice, Eveningpaw, at a really early age, just becoming a warrior the day before. He smirks at Brinepaw every time, as he knows that Brinepaw showed romantic feelings against her.

Brinepaw becomes Brineminnow, and Rushmountain erupted into a fit of laughter, as he knew how he always teased him for that fish-shaped pale mark on his chest. Brineminnow also laughed really hard, and many stared. He also grinned smugly when Eveningpaw muzzled Brineminnow.

Shaken HeartsEdit

Rushmountain died in the end of Shaken Hearts, falling off the favine after knocking and saving Cindershine's life.


Cindershine was in love with him.

His best friend was Brineminnow.

Eveningshine, his former apprentice, visited him in her sleep.