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  • Sharpkit
  • Sharppaw
  • Sharpfoot
  • Light Brown fur
  • Tabby
  • Faded gray eyes
  • Ex-mate- Mintfur
  • Current Mate- Jezzabella
  • Kits- Unknown
  • Son- Crowpaw
  • Daughter- Minnowpaw
Past AffiliationSkyClan
Theme Song
  • 1=If Today Was Your Last Day by Nickelback
  • The Bravest
  • The Fallen
  • Unknown
"Please don't tell!"
- Sharpfoot to Cloverfang, The Bravest

"You know it all, Hawkstar. Why don't you tell it all?"
- Sharpfoot to Hawkstar, The Fallen

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for some of the creator's stories.

Book 1: The Bravest Edit

Sharppaw is the apprentice of Cloverfang, just then taking an assessment.
He later passes, along with his friend, Tigerpaw, and he gets his warrior name, Sharpfoot.
He attacks Cloverfang, but he says only because his mate, Mintfur, was threatening to attack SkyClan and made him.
He leaves the Clans for Barley's farm.

Book 2: The Fallen Edit

When Sharpfoot is visited by Cloverfang and Hawkstar, it is revealed he cheated on Mintfur with a former kittypet named Jezzabella. His kits are named Minnowpaw and Crowpaw. He says he, his family, and Barley are being harassed by the LavaClan cats, and he doesn't want his kits in harm's way.

Book 4: Courage Edit

Jezzabella comes to the Clans and says that LavaClan attacked, and they have almost killed Sharpfoot. They ask some SkyClan cats to go to the barn and help him, and they do. When LavaClan attacks a second time, Moonpaw saves his daughter, Minnowpaw, and Barley's lives by attacking Cinderfire from behind.
Minnowpaw stays and helps nurse her father back to help temporarily.

Trivia Edit

  • Sharpfoot's warrior name was originally going to be Sharpclaw.
  • During the third and second-to-last-draft of The Bravest, Sharpfoot was Cloverfang's mate, because her love interest was actually Dustfur and she realized she loved Sharpfoot, but Goldenstripes nor Nick had been created then.

Education Edit

Mentor Cloverfang
Apprenice(s) Minnowpaw, Crowpaw (basically)

Theme Song(s) Edit

If Today Was Your Last Day- [1]

Family Edit

Immediate Edit

Mate (formerly) Mintfur - Deceased, Verified Dark Forest Member
Mate (current) Jezzabella - Living as of Courage
Daughter Minnowpaw - Living as of Courage
Son Crowpaw - Living as of Courage
First Daughters Shiningdawn and Lovedusk - Deceased, Verified StarClan members

Family Tree Edit

             Jezzabella ---------Sharpfoot---------Mintfur
                               |                |
                               |                |
                            /    \            Unnamed, deceased kits
                      Minnowpaw  Crowpaw

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